8th June 2021

On Monday 7 th June Northern Rovers FC (NRFC) was advised by NZ Football that the club had,
allegedly, fielded an ineligible player in the Chatham Cup Round Two fixture against West Hamilton
United played on 5th June 2021.

Following an internal review NRFC confirmed to NZ Football that the player in question had not been
registered with Northern Rovers for the 10 business days prior to the fixture as required under the
Competition Regulations (7.4.1). The club was of the belief that the Northern League and Chatham
Cup regulations were aligned since they are both NZ Football competitions. Furthermore, COMET
did not flag the inclusion of the player in the Chatham Cup squad as it would for other infringement
of the regulations.

NRFC acknowledges that the onus was on the club to double check the regulations and that we
made a mistake. NRFC requested that the NZF consider the circumstances of the mistake and the
score line of the game against West Hamilton United when deciding on the consequences of the

NZ Football has advised NRFC that, although this is a genuine error NZ Football does not have any
discretion when it comes to decisions on eligibility. NZ Football have confirmed that result of the
Chatham Cup Round Two fixture between West Hamilton United and Northern Rovers FC will be
changed to reflect a 3-0 win to West Hamilton United, who will progress to Round Three in the
Chatham Cup. NRFC accepts this decision and will not be lodging an appeal with NZ Football.
We apologise to our players, supporters, West Hamilton United and NZ Football for this genuine
error and we wish West Hamilton United all the best for the next round.